The Stigma and Emotional Scarring that are Associated with Obesity


Dr. Karlyn G. Emile

I’ve shared quite a bit about the physical health problems that are linked to weight gain/obesity, but I seldom share about how obesity can also affect our social well-being and emotional health.

Today, I want to talk about the factors that coupled together to make me feel sad, ashamed, and depressed as I struggled with obesity.

Personal appearance and self-esteem.  I’ve always been very chic from my adolescent years.  Imagine my misery when my body expanded to the point where sleek and cute couture no longer fit my contour.  Well, I was devastated, and I immediately started to wear black.  That’s a whole another topic—why do women think that wearing black is slimming?  Okay, so wearing black only pushed me deeper into depression and poor self-image.

Health.  A few years ago, I was over 60 pounds heavier and suffered from pre-diabetes, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  I was prescribed medications for all of those illnesses.  Fortunately, I learned how to have a healthy relationship with food, and I have kept the weight off.  Since the weight loss, I no longer take prescription medications for any of the aforementioned diseases.  However, at the time; my failing health caused me great pains.

Discrimination.   I have never publicly spoken about this before, but it’s certainly worth sharing now.  In early 2000, I was working at a doctor’s office as a Front Desk Operator.  I adored my job, and I worked diligently to make sure that all medical appointments were properly set and maintained.  I greeted patients with utmost courtesy.  I thought my employer was happy with my performance, but much to my chagrin; he asked his office manager to fire me because of my obese appearance.  He added that he wanted someone slim and of a lighter complexion in the front.  Now, that I think of this account, it’s hard for me to believe that such a physician embodies the essence of “patient sensitivity;” but I digress.  I’m not angry with this doctor because his unkindness and discrimination served as a catalyst that elevated me to where I am today.

As you can see, being overweight obviously contributed to my emotional distress.  The purported state of loneliness and pain that I felt seemed unending.  I thought I would be sad forever, but I had to take my quest for health and joy into my own hands.  Now, many of you may ask “why not in God’s hands”?  Well, God already gave me the victory— Romans 8:37—No, in all these things we are more than conquerors; I had to act upon that assured conquest.

Parenthetically, I knew enough from books and research studies about overcoming obesity to last me a lifetime, but I was not willing to put them into practice.  Once I surrendered and decided to see food in a different way, I developed a healthy relationship with nutrition; and I started to watch the pounds just fly away from my body.  It certainly wasn’t easy, but I know undoubtedly that it can be done.

For this reason, I decided to help others to have that same type of freedom.  In all honesty, it’s easier than we think—we can all develop a healthy relationship with food.  As a Health Scientist, and one who is determined to beat the odds of food addiction and obesity; I can help.  Take a faithful 12-week journey with my team and I, and you will see guaranteed results.  Here is my contact information:

Dr. Karlyn G. Emile

(786) 320-2003

Finally, please join my Facebook group 365 Healthy Eating and Wellness and you can get daily group support and encouragement for free:

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One thought on “The Stigma and Emotional Scarring that are Associated with Obesity

  1. Wow this is a beautiful testimony. I too along with many others understand the struggle and battle of weight gain and weight loss. I think learning to have a healthy relationship with food is most important towards improving your health. I can contest that when I first started the program, when eating out I would have tension headaches a lot. I wonder why did I have a tight band around my head. This has never happen to me before. I realize it started to happen frequently. I also notice it after consuming my meals firms different restaurants. After signing up for Dr Karlyns program I can feel the difference. I don’t get those headaches anymore. In addition, your self confidence are restored when others compliment you and see the progress you’ve worked so hard for. I look forward to continuing to learn to have a healthy relationship with food. The opportunity has presented it self now. Why not try the 90day program. If you follow the program you will see results.

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