That Blondie Didn’t Faze Me!

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One of my favorite things to do is to go unwind at Fort Lauderdale Beach.  I can go on and on about how pristine, white, soft, and clean the sandy beaches are over there.  I love the myriads of fancy hotels and restaurants on the strip.  I love to see people jogging, swimming and riding their bikes nonchalantly.  Everyone there seems to be free from anxiety or responsibility—just happy-go-lucky.  I also love the historic charm that is associated with Fort Lauderdale Beach.  I always feel renewed and full of life after a visit there.


Similarly, one of my favorite restaurants in the area is Sun Surf Sand (S3).  Yesterday, after a long meeting with a colleague; I decided to close our deal over dinner at S3.  S3 has an interesting menu that serves up a variety of tapas-style small plates, which allows everyone at the table to sample each one of the small plates.   My guest and I sampled a few small plates, and they were delicious.  We tried the goat cheese croquettes, the wok edamame, and the lamb chops.  We both have a flair for great food, but unlike me; she never struggled with weight or sugar addiction.


After we ate our meal, she ordered the chocolate chip Blondie, which is served in a skillet with chocolate and walnuts, topped with a creamy gelato.  She ate some and naturally, she asked me to sample some of it.  I politely declined because I have taken the vow to not eat any processed sugar, since January of this year.  She insisted and said” only one night, it won’t hurt you”.  I stood my ground.  She ate half of it, then three quarters of it—finally, she said “Dr. Emile, I’m stuffed; please have this small piece”.  At this point, I had to explain to her about how I was addicted to sweets, and that I would normally eat that entire cookie and another one.  She said “wow, that’s a lot of willpower”!  I responded, “No, that’s freedom”.   You see, as I looked at that last piece of cookie, drenched in chocolate and ice cream, I thought “I have no taste for it—it’s not for me.  I wasn’t enticed by it; I didn’t struggle with the thought of caving in.  I love it!!!!!!

Now, let me clarify that I’m not against people having dessert every once in a while, but for me; I decided to only have sugar in its purest forms.  So far, it has worked for me, and I don’t have an obsession with sweets any longer.  That is a type of freedom that I’m not willing to trade.  What an extraordinary evening that was!

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So, if you face a similar attachment to sweets, and you’re asking how can I overcome sugar/flour addiction?  I can help—feel free to email me at or check out my Facebook group, 365 Healthy Eating and Wellness:

It can be done, I’m living proof.


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