FIU SJMC Alumna Brings Health and Wellness to Special Olympics Florida




And so another one of my interns got featured at FIU News.  Alisha Cox is very talented and has a bright future ahead of her.  The process of watching any volunteer or intern develop a passion for serving vulnerable populations is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job/life. ‪#‎oneproudmentor‬

I remember when Alisha walked into my office to volunteer at one at our events.   She was very shy and a bit hesitant.   I immediately put her to work and envisioned me extracting all of her God given talents/abilities out her.  By the way, I do that for all  of my interns who are willing to thrive.   I look beyond what is on the surface.  Alisha followed along and performed substantially better than she or I ever imagined.  She started out as smart, yet unsure of her capabilities; but now she is a born natural at teaching and developing contents.  Her natural abilities to create is seen ubiquitously throughout the article below.  I am very proud of Alisha Cox for her staunch support to the IDD population and for sharing her talents/skills with the Special Olympics Florida Healthy Community.

I invite you to please read the story at the link below:

Alumna brings health and wellness to Special Olympics Florida


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