A Caring Heart Day

Today I got the opportunity to attend “A Caring Heart Day” hosted by Advanced Dentistry of South Florida and the Dental Home Initiative of Palm Beach where individuals with IDD are receiving secondary dental care services. Doctors, RDHs and interns are providing their time for free to this cause–How phenomenal is that?

Patients received cleaning, scaling, X-rays and dentures.  One of the patients was shedding some tears, and the Hygienist asked her why the tears; she replied that she was overwhelmed because she would get to go to her first day of school with clean and healthy teeth.  This day was very moving, and it epitomizes the oral heath disparities in this population.

Please get involved and help if you are a dental health professional or if you’re in need of dental services–get in contact with organizations like Dental Home Initiative of Palm Beach and Special Olympics Florida.

day 2

day 1

A Caring Day



Special Olympics Healthy Community South Florida





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