Everything You Need to Know Concerning Individuals with Different Intellectual Abilities


Five years ago, when I graduated with a MPH degree from FIU; I planned to take my public health knowledge/skills back to my hometown, Haiti. However, in the midst of serving my beloved county, I stumbled across Special Olympics who serve individuals with intellectual disabilities (IDD).  They aim to reach the most marginalized and vulnerable individuals in the IDD population globally. I immediately gravitated to this organization, and three years later, I’m hopelessly in love with the attributes of almost everyone with IDD that I’ve had the pleasure of serving.

On this page, I will share my knowledge of the specific needs of this population (research based and experiential), as well as the joyous moments that I have shared with them for the past 3 years.

My overall mission is to collaborate with non-profit organizations, institutions, political figures, and individuals who share in my commitment to educating and caring for vulnerable and under-served populations and ensuring equal opportunities for them. I am committed to encouraging everyone to continue to help bridge the gaps of inequalities, at their respective capacities, that currently exist in this population.

My personal core values include the following:

  • Determination- that includes perseverance, persistence, resilience and strength of mind
  • Ambition- that includes aspiration, innovation, motivation, enthusiasm, high energy, zeal, commitment, and purpose
  • Love– that include patience, kindness, forgiveness, trust, selflessness, compassion and protection
  • Integrity – that incorporates honesty, trust, responsibility, reliability, dependability, consistency, decency, justice, and sincerity
  • Good Stewardship – that includes resourcefulness, charity, contribution, and giving
  • Wisdom – that consists of intelligence, understanding, knowledge, good judgment, insight, perception, discipline, experience, personal growth, discretion and intuition
  • Independent – which consist of autonomy, and self-determination
  • Achievement – which includes constant success and accomplishment
  • Respect – that includes appreciation, esteem, value, and reverence

Here, you will find candid and helpful topics/resources pertaining to the IDD population. I hope to see you on this blog regularly, and I hope that you will also share in the essence of advocating for this very well deserved group of individuals.


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