Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Haiti

After a five year hiatus, I decided to make a short visit to Haiti, two weeks ago.  The purpose of this recent trip was not for our usual medical mission trips, but rather for an exploratory venture.  I must say that every second that I spent there was time well spent.   It was so refreshing to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the hidden gems in Haiti that I’ve been missing for a while.a

I visited several places, including Port-au-Prince, Cotes-de-Fer, Aquin, and of course my beloved hometown, Zanglais.  I enjoyed so many precious moments with my mom, my very talented cousins/second cousins, aunts and uncles, new found friends, local business owners, and nature.

Day 1

I arrived in Port-au-Prince and my mom picked me up from the airport.  Mom lives in the US, but she loves to spend months at a time in Haiti.  I guess I get my love for country from her.  Both of us were very excited to see one another.  She hugged me ever so tight and told me how happy she was that I came to visit.


Ride from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport

The minute I arrived to mom’s house, she started cooking all of my favorite childhood meals–mom, I’m watching my fluctuating weight!  She would not hear of any diet or meal plans that I had to follow, she just knew that she had to feed her baby.  Parenthetically,  it’s customary to rejoice over the visit of a beloved one by killing and cooking a goat.  She offered to kill a goat for me……NO…..please, not on my account.   Mom, really aims to please, and she did just that.

Coca Cola Haitian Style

Coca Cola (Haitian Version)

We enjoyed our time talking to one another,  eating, drinking Coca Cola (Haitian version), visiting the local markets in Port-au-Prince, singing, and enjoying the sunset from the roof of her house–every evening.

Day 2

My cousins came to Port-au-Prince to pick me up, and we headed to Aquin and then to Zanglais.  I was ecstatic to be back at the place where I spent the best years of my life.  Although I left Haiti when I was 10 years old, the times that I spent in Zanglais with my grandmother and grandfather are etched  in my memories and in my heart forever.  I mean take a look at the picture below and tell me how you would feel waking up to that every morning.


Zanglais, Haiti

Day 3

I met a fascinating lady in Zanglais who owns a thriving restaurant/hotel right on the ocean.  The place is called Brise des Iles and the ambiance/foods were impeccable.  We enjoyed some delicious foods and drinks there and then we took a walk on the beach.  I’m very proud of her because she took advantage of the beauty that Zanglais offers and developed such a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy.  She has also created employment opportunities for individuals who would otherwise have no prospects for employment in that small town.  By the way, this entity was not there when I visited five years ago.  Kudos to you Ms. W!!! I wish her and her team continued success, we are super proud of  her.



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*Please visit Zanglais, Haiti and check out this very charming and quaint hotel on the beach Brise des Iles.  They have the best chauffeurs and tour guides to get you there from the airport and to make sure that you fully enjoy your experience.

Day 4

We spent the entire day beach-side at Cotes-de-Fer, eating, dancing, and swimming.  I enjoyed hearing my small cousins’ laughter as they played in the sand.  They pulled me in and buried me knee-deep.  After a few grueling hours of creating sand castles and burying each other, we ate the best foods ever!  We swam and played some more, and we enjoyed some chanm chanm (roasted corn and peanut in powder form), tropical fruits with home-made liqueur–courtesy of the Cheremond Crew.  We then headed home to Aquin where dinner was prepared by my cousin Chef, Gesner Cheremond. Finally, we spent the most wonderful evening regaling ourselves with hilarious childhood memories.



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Day 5

I traveled back to Port-au-Prince and visited a boarding school and orphanage where a dear friend grew up.   It was amazing to see the progresses that they’ve made over the years.  The children at the school sang for us, as usual, and they asked me to return again soon.  I said yes to them, and if you know me, you know that I always keep a promise.  I plan to coordinate another medical mission trip to Haiti, and we will be sure to visit them.  I did not get any pictures at the orphanage, I did not deem it appropriate to do so at this time.

Day 6-7

I returned home where I spent the rest of my journey with mom.  We resumed the same daily rituals, and I must say that my favorite part was watching the sunset from the roof of her house.   My time in Haiti embodied the essence of family, simplicity,  untapped skills/talent, and a hopeful nation.  I can’t wait to return to fulfill some of the promises that I have made.  Farewell, my beloved Haiti….I will be back soon.


Watching the Sunset from the Roof


New Year’s Health and Fitness Goals–Are we Sticking to Them?

Many of us resolved that 2017 would be the year that we become healthy and fit.   Well, we are five months into the year, and many of us have obviously fallen off the wagon.  No worries, I’m here to encourage you to “jump back on the wagon”.  There are many reasons why we should stick to our health and fitness goals, so don’t give up.  Today I will briefly speak about the role that nutrition will play in making our fitness, health, and professional goals a reality.

Importance of Nutrition- Internally and Externally:

Let’s talk about how good nutrition affects us internally.  We can avoid and prevent myriads of chronic diseases such as:

  • Type II diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Some types of cancers—and so forth.
    • We also gain more energy and shed unwanted pounds.
    • We gain confidence and develop a positive self-image.

Okay, so for many of us; evading these illnesses is not a strong enough motivator.

Well, let’s see how good nutrition affects us externally.

  • When we eat the right foods, our skin glows.
  • We obviously lose weight, and we enjoy shopping for new and beautiful clothes to complement our fit new frame.
  • When you are healthy you radiate beauty, and you attract others—even potential employers and business partners.

How to create healthier habits?

  • Consume a plant based diet, exercise 3 times per week, and drink plenty of water.
  • Commit to engaging in these behaviors for at least 66 days—it takes that long to develop a habit.

How does nutrition relate to our roles as professionals, leaders, business owners?

As a professional woman, I can tell you many stories of how I was treated when I was heavier and now.   You see, America loves to see healthy and fit individuals. When we are overweight, people automatically think that we are unhealthy, lazy or unmotivated—not always true at all.

Furthermore, African-Americans are often expected to be heavy and unhealthy.  I don’t know about you, but I want to dispel that myth.  I love to be respected inwardly, as well as outwardly when I conduct my business ventures.  So, who is with me in staying the course for becoming healthy and fit in 2017?

Here are three special tips for taking control of your health and wellness:

1.Please follow a realistic eating pattern-like the 365 Healthy Eating and Wellness program.

2.Also, it is ideal to gain support of family, friends, and health groups (online or face-to face) during the journey.

3.Stay focused on a healthier lifestyle, no matter what—Our health comes first!

Wishing you all the best—please work hard at everything you wish to achieve because whatever comes easily does not last.

For any questions or additional information about the 365 Healthy Eating and Wellness Program, please contact us below:

Karlyn G. Emile, DHSc., MPH, CHES

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

KGE Health and Wellness Services, Inc.




Leiomyoma, Leiomyosarcoma…..What in the World?


The Millionheiress Club’s 4th Annual Tea Party!

I have to share this bit of news because it truly changed my life.  A few months ago, I went to my doctor and they detected a mass on my pelvic region.  The doctor ordered more scans/imaging to decipher whether the mass was a leiomyoma or a leiomyosarcoma.  Leiomyoma is also known as uterine fibroid.  It is a benign smooth muscle tumor that very rarely becomes cancerous.  Contrariwise, leiomyosarcoma is a malignant smooth muscle tumor.  It is a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer.

Naturally, I was flabbergasted; I asked “why me Lord, I’m in the prime of my life”.   I was devastated and distraught, of course.  However, I had to lean on the methods that work best.  I know that God is “The Great Physician” so I turned to prayer and meditation.  I also know the power of surrounding yourselves with loved ones, so I clung to my husband, lovely sisters, mom, and wonderful friends.  I also increased my level of gratitude for everything that I’ve been given—you never know what you have until you think you might lose it all.  I begged and besieged God to allow me to be cancer free.  I even bargained with Him, saying that I would use my time more wisely and for His purpose; if he spared me from cancer.   You cannot even imagine my level fear and frustration at this point.  I mean, I always thought that I was a decent person who tries to live right spiritually, physically, and emotionally.




After adapting a positive daily routine of prayer, meditation, hanging out with loved ones, and staying busy; I stopped asking why.  Instead of asking why, I started asking what…what next Lord?  As many of you already know, I’m a multifaceted girl: spiritual, knowledgeable/analytical, and health driven.  I knew that God wanted to get my attention to do something greater; so I rested on that fact.

My sisters, church, friends fasted/prayed with me; and my sweet mommy kept reading Psalm 27 over me.  She kept saying: The Lord is your strength; of whom (or what) shall you be afraid?  She kept telling me to pray and wait for a miracle.  I can go on and on about the journey, but It would take all night—I have to get ready for my surgery.


Office Depot Foundation Women’s Symposium-2017/  Luly B., Micaelle Titus, me, and Mallissa A. Newton

To make a long story short, my oncologist viewed the CT scans and quickly ruled the mass as cancerous and scheduled surgery, as well as a few rounds of chemotherapy pre and/or postoperative.  Being a health scientist and knowing the effect of chemo on the body and healthy cells, I was reserved and very reticent.  Now, don’t get me wrong; there are times where chemotherapy is necessary, but I wanted to be sure what I was up against.  Thankfully, God steered my doctor to present my case to the tumor board and they ordered a biopsy to test the cells.  I won’t keep you in suspense—two days ago, I received the results; which revealed that the mass is benign!!!!   I can’t tell you my relief, I feel as if I have been given a new lease on life; hence this blog entry.  I want to tell you that God is loving and merciful.  I want to publicly thank Him for hearing my cries.


To my friends who are facing cancer, He is still there—seek His face.  You will be amazed; he will not let you down.   And for those who have lost loved ones to the battle, remember Psalm 48:14—He will be our guide even unto death.  I remember reading Malachi 4:2, which states that the sun will rise with healing in its wings and that I would leap like a young calf.  I spoke that scripture over my life daily as I regularly meditated at the beach before sunrise.  Dear friends, please find scriptures and positive affirmations that comfort you and cling to them.


My regular morning routine at Hollywood Beach.

I will definitely keep up with the new positive behaviors that I’ve added to my daily routine.  Furthermore, since I’m always on a mission to help others in their health journey; I urge you to honor your temple, protect your vessel/body by eating  the right foods and herbs that have healing properties.  Powerful herbs:

Turmeric – anti-inflammatory agent

Gymnema sylvestre – sugar regulator

Ashwagandha – adaptogenic and energy booster


Finally, there are no current research that proves the root cause of tumors or fibroid, which is prevalent in black women.  However, I will do more research on the topic and share my findings with you.

I want to close with these thoughts: Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.  For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods~Psalm 95:2-3.  God is amazing—He comforted me in my time of need, and He heard me when I cried.  Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish`Isaiah 38:17.  All glory and praise be to Him.


I endeavor to live a healthy life filled with love, laughter, growth, and altruism; not one filled with health scares and anguish~Dr. Karlyn Emile


Indulge on Romantic Love and Not on Sweets this Valentine’s Day!


I would like to share a quick thought with you. Yesterday, while I was shopping; I noticed the many glamorous displays of Valentine’s Day chocolates, cookies, and cakes. For a quick second, I romanticized the thought of indulging on sweets during that very special day. Then I quickly pondered, Valentine’s Day had nothing to do eating sweets or romantic love; at least not until the 14th Century.

So, okay; we now celebrate romantic love on that very day. However, what does that have to do with overindulging on sweets?  At any rate, Corporate America is setting us up to overeat, become morbidly obese, and chronically sick. As I always share, stay one step ahead of it all, and plan to stay healthy; no matter what the occasion.

Now, I’m not against anything in moderation, but keep your goals in the forefront of your minds. Do not get brained-washed by advertisements that are not pro YOU or YOUR health. Instead, join my program and get healthy/sexy by Valentine’s Day 🙂
How is that for beating them at their own games?
Please feel free to contact me for some romantic Valentine’s Day meals/ideas etc…DrKarlynemile@gmail.com
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Losing Momentum: Delayed Gratification is Undesirable


Dr. Karlyn G. Emile

I don’t have to tell you that we live in a society that is constantly chasing after instant gratification.  It seems that we seek to run before we can even crawl.  We no longer want to take the time to meticulously do even meaningful things.  For instance, so many of us have dropped the old fashion method of cooking a good meal for restaurant foods.  In the same way, after weight gain is incurred from eating these unhealthy hyperpalatable foods; we want to lose the extra pounds expeditiously.


I’ve recreated this restaurant favorite many times.

While I know this feeling too well, I will not go into a long drawn out debate here.  I just simply want to encourage all of you to return to cooking your own foods, and enjoying it with your loved ones.  I currently cook all of my meals, and I biasly think that my cooking is way better than anything that I could purchase from any restaurant.  I do enjoy eating out every now and then, but I trust my gut and controlling my weight to me and only me.  So, please practice cooking some good meals at home and let me know how it goes.


Now, on the subject of wanting to lose weight fast; it’s probably not the best objective.  You see, when you lose weight too fast; you also gain it back fast.  It is also unsafe to drop too much kg at once.  It is advised that the average person should lose no more than 2 lbs. per week.   Some people may safely lose more depending on their own total body fat, but I digress.  Losing weight and keeping if off requires discipline, commitment, and a winning attitude.

At this time, I would like to shift my focus on those who are thinking that giving up is an option.  Please think about the long-term ramifications that are associated with being even 20% over one’s ideal weight.  It puts you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc.  We did not know better in former years, but now do—let’s do better!  Healthy is the new sexy :).  I mean there is nothing better than a man or a woman who takes great stake in his or her health.  It takes a level of discipline and self-care that is frankly, both impressive and commendable.  It took me 7-8 months to lose my weight, and I’m keeping it off.  Believe me, if I can do it; so can you.


The journey does require a few minor adjustments and some perseverance.  Our health comes first, let us focus cherished ones.  No more of this “it’s the holidays”, or “it’s taking too long”.  No, do what you have to do to get healthy and stay healthy.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.  If you need assistance, take advantage of our services by going to the websites below.

Dr Karlyn Emile


786 320 2003



How to Overcome Sweet Cravings Naturally

Dr. TiKa.JPG

Dr. Karlyn G. Emile

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this topic: How Do I Overcome Sweet Cravings Naturally?  Well, being a former sugar addict myself, I’ve combated this vice more times than I care to remember.   I resigned that I just had a “sweet tooth”.  In reality, I was just caving into the “feel-good” sensation that sugar stimulated in my brain.  Eating sugar raises the serotonin levels in the brain, and thus immediate “feel-good” responses are activated.  Parenthetically, so does exercising 🙂


Okay, so eating too much sugar spikes up your blood sugar and takes a toll on the pancreas, liver, and other major organs that processes sugar in the body.  It causes metabolic dysfunction. Eating too much sugar cause myriads of symptoms such as, classic metabolic syndrome. These include weight gain, abdominal obesity, decreased HDL and increased LDL, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, and high blood pressure. It increases your uric acid levels (Mercola, 2016).

Now, are you ready to find out how to curb your sweet cravings?  Here is what I do.  I eat regularly—plenty of greens, whole grains, and fruits.  I also drink a lot of water to keep me satiated.  These methods usually control my sweet cravings, but if that desire for sugar rears its ugly head; I reach for a piece of fruit.


Yes, keep your favorite piece of fruit handy for when sugar cravings hit.  Train your brain that sweetness from a fruit is wayyyyyyyy better than sweetness from other fatty sugary foods.  Over time, that natural sweetness will fulfill those sweet cravings—it did for me.

Did you know that every 23 seconds another American is diagnosed with Diabetes—every 43 seconds another American is diagnosed with Heart Disease? (American Diabetes Association [ADA], 2016; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2016).

What we eat impacts our health tremendously.  Let’s take our health more seriously.

#365HealthyEatingandWellness #OurHealthComesFirst

Dr. Karlyn G. Emile

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The Stigma and Emotional Scarring that are Associated with Obesity


Dr. Karlyn G. Emile

I’ve shared quite a bit about the physical health problems that are linked to weight gain/obesity, but I seldom share about how obesity can also affect our social well-being and emotional health.

Today, I want to talk about the factors that coupled together to make me feel sad, ashamed, and depressed as I struggled with obesity.

Personal appearance and self-esteem.  I’ve always been very chic from my adolescent years.  Imagine my misery when my body expanded to the point where sleek and cute couture no longer fit my contour.  Well, I was devastated, and I immediately started to wear black.  That’s a whole another topic—why do women think that wearing black is slimming?  Okay, so wearing black only pushed me deeper into depression and poor self-image.

Health.  A few years ago, I was over 60 pounds heavier and suffered from pre-diabetes, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  I was prescribed medications for all of those illnesses.  Fortunately, I learned how to have a healthy relationship with food, and I have kept the weight off.  Since the weight loss, I no longer take prescription medications for any of the aforementioned diseases.  However, at the time; my failing health caused me great pains.

Discrimination.   I have never publicly spoken about this before, but it’s certainly worth sharing now.  In early 2000, I was working at a doctor’s office as a Front Desk Operator.  I adored my job, and I worked diligently to make sure that all medical appointments were properly set and maintained.  I greeted patients with utmost courtesy.  I thought my employer was happy with my performance, but much to my chagrin; he asked his office manager to fire me because of my obese appearance.  He added that he wanted someone slim and of a lighter complexion in the front.  Now, that I think of this account, it’s hard for me to believe that such a physician embodies the essence of “patient sensitivity;” but I digress.  I’m not angry with this doctor because his unkindness and discrimination served as a catalyst that elevated me to where I am today.

As you can see, being overweight obviously contributed to my emotional distress.  The purported state of loneliness and pain that I felt seemed unending.  I thought I would be sad forever, but I had to take my quest for health and joy into my own hands.  Now, many of you may ask “why not in God’s hands”?  Well, God already gave me the victory— Romans 8:37—No, in all these things we are more than conquerors; I had to act upon that assured conquest.

Parenthetically, I knew enough from books and research studies about overcoming obesity to last me a lifetime, but I was not willing to put them into practice.  Once I surrendered and decided to see food in a different way, I developed a healthy relationship with nutrition; and I started to watch the pounds just fly away from my body.  It certainly wasn’t easy, but I know undoubtedly that it can be done.

For this reason, I decided to help others to have that same type of freedom.  In all honesty, it’s easier than we think—we can all develop a healthy relationship with food.  As a Health Scientist, and one who is determined to beat the odds of food addiction and obesity; I can help.  Take a faithful 12-week journey with my team and I, and you will see guaranteed results.  Here is my contact information:

Dr. Karlyn G. Emile


(786) 320-2003

Finally, please join my Facebook group 365 Healthy Eating and Wellness and you can get daily group support and encouragement for free:


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That Blondie Didn’t Faze Me!

photo 1.JPG

One of my favorite things to do is to go unwind at Fort Lauderdale Beach.  I can go on and on about how pristine, white, soft, and clean the sandy beaches are over there.  I love the myriads of fancy hotels and restaurants on the strip.  I love to see people jogging, swimming and riding their bikes nonchalantly.  Everyone there seems to be free from anxiety or responsibility—just happy-go-lucky.  I also love the historic charm that is associated with Fort Lauderdale Beach.  I always feel renewed and full of life after a visit there.


Similarly, one of my favorite restaurants in the area is Sun Surf Sand (S3).  Yesterday, after a long meeting with a colleague; I decided to close our deal over dinner at S3.  S3 has an interesting menu that serves up a variety of tapas-style small plates, which allows everyone at the table to sample each one of the small plates.   My guest and I sampled a few small plates, and they were delicious.  We tried the goat cheese croquettes, the wok edamame, and the lamb chops.  We both have a flair for great food, but unlike me; she never struggled with weight or sugar addiction.


After we ate our meal, she ordered the chocolate chip Blondie, which is served in a skillet with chocolate and walnuts, topped with a creamy gelato.  She ate some and naturally, she asked me to sample some of it.  I politely declined because I have taken the vow to not eat any processed sugar, since January of this year.  She insisted and said” only one night, it won’t hurt you”.  I stood my ground.  She ate half of it, then three quarters of it—finally, she said “Dr. Emile, I’m stuffed; please have this small piece”.  At this point, I had to explain to her about how I was addicted to sweets, and that I would normally eat that entire cookie and another one.  She said “wow, that’s a lot of willpower”!  I responded, “No, that’s freedom”.   You see, as I looked at that last piece of cookie, drenched in chocolate and ice cream, I thought “I have no taste for it—it’s not for me.  I wasn’t enticed by it; I didn’t struggle with the thought of caving in.  I love it!!!!!!

Now, let me clarify that I’m not against people having dessert every once in a while, but for me; I decided to only have sugar in its purest forms.  So far, it has worked for me, and I don’t have an obsession with sweets any longer.  That is a type of freedom that I’m not willing to trade.  What an extraordinary evening that was!

photo 3.JPG

So, if you face a similar attachment to sweets, and you’re asking how can I overcome sugar/flour addiction?  I can help—feel free to email me at DrKarlynEmile@gmail.com or check out my Facebook group, 365 Healthy Eating and Wellness:


It can be done, I’m living proof.

Indescribable Delights: Textbook Moments from my Scholastic Journey

0255A few months ago, I blogged about my doctoral journey.  I mentioned the fact that historically, minority women averted pursuing a doctorate degree.  I also spoke about how many of my peers tried to dissuade me from pursuing this very demanding, time consuming, and costly degree.  Well, the moment of truth arrived, and I officially graduated in August 19, 2016, from Nova Southeastern University with a Doctorate of Health Science (DHSc) Degree—hooray!


I’ve had many challenging moments, but for some reason God turned all of them around for me.  He provided me with the perfect host of friends and family to aid me when times were rough. For instance, I would text my sisters (group chat) and say things like “I can’t go on, this is too hard”.  They would immediately say, “Oh no Dr. Emile—you’ve got this—we can’t wait to celebrate with you when you finish. Then they would go on to planning my party and wardrobe for the entire family.  Parenthetically, if you analyze our Facebook pictures, they did just that.  You would think that they all graduated with me on that very special day.  My family and friends played an integral role in encouraging me and helping me to see the finish line.


In the same way, a few of my classmates such as, Dr. Andrea Jackson, Jenelle Williams, Michelle Moore, and Brandi Duperville were very helpful too.  We decided during class to support each other, as black aspiring female doctors and it worked.  I can honestly say that when we support each other, we all win.

Classmates 3

Now, what can I say about my dear friend, Marjorie Prezzy?  She and I go way back.  We completed our Masters of Public Health together at FIU, a few years ago.  Marjorie was beyond supportive.  She would travel from across town to make sure that I’m not burned out with studying and working.  She would always take me to the beach, kayaking, paddle boarding; she would remind me that I need to have fun.  In the midst of all the fun, she would always say to me “I’m so proud of you” I can’t wait for you to become a doctor—I’m right behind you.  I know she will accomplish that and more—she is a very ambitious and driven young woman.

Me and Marjorie

As I think back, oftentimes; I would walk into the NSU library (private room), sit at the table and just cry.  Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed as many had forewarned me.  But I would remember this poem by Helen Keller:  “You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles. Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.”  Similarly, I would remind myself of Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


As you can tell, I have had some trying times, as well as some triumphant and fun times; but I never lost focus.  I kept seeing the finish line—graduation day!  The moments leading to my graduation were quite anticipatory, breathtaking, and magical.  I felt like a bride waiting to walk down the aisle (across the stage) wearing my wedding gown (graduation regalia).  The big day was all I imagined and more.


With that said, I want to thank a list of people for their support.  My husband: Wilkenson Emile. My mentors:  Dr. Melissa Howard, Dr. Jackie Davie, Dr. Thomas Buckley, Nancy Sawyer, and Dr. Ellen Mitchell-Rosen.  My friends:  Dr. Shentelle Hamilton, Dr. Cynthia Lubin-Langtiw, Marjorie Prezzy, Joan Pierre, Dominique Revolus, Nahomie Mirville, Florence Greer, and Daniel Gutierrez.   My sisters: Dherlie Cox, Micaelle Titus, and Marie Aime; my mom and dad- Raymonde and Duranton Guirand.   My niece, Alisha Cox.  My classmates: Dr. Andrea Jackson, Jenelle Williams, Michelle Moore, and Brandi Duperville.


Please take a look at the video below, which was shown at my graduation:

I love you all, and I hope to use my degree to better serve our underserved and at-risk communities.

To God be all the glory.

Dr. Karlyn G. Emile.